TV & Film Scripts

The Last O.G. Spec Script


When Tray tries to level-up his chef game with fresh new gear, an unfortunate set of circumstances lands him in familiar territory and jeopardizes Mullins’ opportunity to come into a lot of cash. READ SPEC


Original Feature

“Rent Party”

Based on true events, RENT PARTY is a comedy about a struggling stand-up comedian who must survive a heckler, a hustler, and an evil landlord to save her failing career and avoid eviction from her childhood home. It’s the thrill of House Party meets the friendship of Girl’s Trip meets the intrigue of Game Night. READ EXCERPT



Original TV Show Pilot

“Jaguar Jaguar”

A female P.I. searches for clues to solve her parents’ murder while relentlessly fighting crime on the mean streets of New York City. READ EXCERPT