The Work

WRITE what you know. ACT like you know. I do both.

See me in action  + check out some of my dope writing, ya heard!


I started the #ViolaDavisUglyCryChallenge and friends “bullied” me because they felt my first attempt wasn’t snotty nose enough. So I had to set the record straight. Feel me? Directed by award winning filmmaker Stacey L. Holman.


I can’t be more proud of this project! Written with passion by ME. Co-produced with the incredible team at Pure Motion Pictures.  Features Aunjanue Ellis, Ato Essandoh, Stephen Hill, Arjun Gupta + many amazing actors (yup and me, too).


HBO promo “I Wanna See You” featuring Queen Sugar’s Rutina Wesley; written by Tracee Loran (dat’s me); produced by Chrissie Hines.


HBOGo Promo, “You See” featuring Nelsan Elli, produced by Bruce Koken, written by Tracee Loran (me).


I just want to get some sleep in this FedEx spot w/Quentin Heggs.


I wax poetic in this super cool HBO Promo.


Cingular/AT&T Ad directed by Scott Hicks [The Boys Are Back; Shine].


I am the ultimate art snob in this Arby’s Commercial.

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