Praise & Testimonials


THE BOOMERANG EFFECT: Advance copies went out; good news came back…


“…This is so on the money.  Not only is it on the money, but it’s good for people in ANY line of work.

I especially liked your samples of letters — you are a very powerful writer – where people pay attention and are less inclined to ignore your request.

The best part, of course, are your titles: Shuck the Corn, Pimp Your Skills, Be a Barter Not a Hater

That really targets your audience and they can relate to your clever catch-phrases (I know I did) and it invites them to keep reading because it’s laid back not so in-your-face and not so instructional — it’s like a friend giving you the low-down.

I really love it … and I especially enjoyed your prologue ‘A Dream Deferred’ … I’m a big Langston Hughes fan so that struck me immediately.”

~CHERYL WILLS: Award-Winning News Anchor, NY1; Author, “Die Free: A Historic Family Tale


“Wow that was FAST!  I just got a really cool 3-day job literally a week after reading Shuck The Corn.   It’s a great contact. It’s funny because I’m not normally one to look on Craigslist because it never seems to work.  But I followed your advice and found a company looking for an editor FAST (like you said).  No magic in this book.  It’s all about technique.  It works!  Thanks Tracee!”

~CINQUE NORTHERN: Award-Winning Director, Film Editor


“IT IS FABULOUS!!  I love it, and got lots of great advice…”

~DENISE WINTERS: Photographer, Social Media Manager


“Love the book. Everything is on point. If you’re an actor (or any artist) this book is a “must have.” Tracee Loran’s book gives actors a fresh approach to surviving while pursuing their dreams in the new millennium by employing her 5-step guidelines. I became a “Craigslist Hustler” as soon as I finished reading it. Within a week, I landed a job!”

~MARLON HARGRAVE: Acting Coach; Performer


Now that you heard good gossip, buy the book today for yourself or a loved one!

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