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Excerpt from Step 1 – Become a Craigslist Hustler

No, I don’t want you standing on the street corner surreptitiously selling “Craig’s List” to hungry actors while the lookout boy watches out for Five-O.  Perhaps I watch too many reruns of The Wire & The Shield. But the point is; I’m not suggesting that you participate in any illicit activity. Instead, I want you to learn how to make one of the most popular websites on the Internet work for you.

Becoming a “Craigslist Hustler” involves two things: selling items & finding gigs. In this eBook we will focus on the latter.  There are thousands of people looking for work, so you must compete with them to land even the most menial jobs.  But as an actor you’re used to the competition and grind, right?

Finding jobs on Craigslist is a methodical, perfectly-timed, and well-coordinated task.  In other words, you have to get into a rhythm.  For months, I applied for countless gigs on Craigslist that I knew I was more than qualified for, but I wasn’t getting any calls. Nothing! Nada! Zilch!  Then I got hip and developed a surefire 7-step system that helped me earn more than $20,000 over a one-year period on short-term freelance jobs and acting gigs. Again I ask, “How great is this eBook?”  You get steps within steps!

          Check Postings Frequently

Craigslist gigs are first come, first serve. In order to be first in line, you have to be the first one to see the ad. I discovered that I wasn’t checking postings often enough. Once in the morning and once at night will render you unemployed.  You must check postings at least every thirty minutes.  If you’re extremely ambitious and broke, checking every 15 or 20 minutes won’t hurt. Craigslist job posters are seeking immediate help.  Except for long-term positions, prospective employers who turn to Craigslist typically aren’t out to find a lifetime employee; they generally don’t care about college degrees or how many times you made the Dean’s List.  They simply want someone reliable, efficient, who is able to at least say their ABC’s, has all of their faculties, and looks and smells appropriate (yes, I’ve seen postings where they actually say, “Please wear deodorant!”).  Most Craigslist posters don’t even ask for citizenship status or background checks. So if you have done a few under-the-table jobs for Tony Soprano, it’s safe to say that they won’t know about it. The point is job posters usually seek someone who’s available yesterday.  Hey, this is a microwave society; you either gotta get with the program or drop out! (Note: If you’re a high school actor, dropping out is not an option!)

4 responses to “Read An Excerpt


    Love it! Very reader friendly.

  2. Juny

    Very funny, but direct and clear in the approaches to take. The information/instruction is applicable to many industries, not just acting.

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